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Investing in LEGO® can be more profitable than investing in gold. Get started in minutes and buy and sell LEGO or shares.

Trending Bricks
Theme Market Growth
Boost A$324.84 18.20%
Incredibles 2 A$10.53 16.70%
Fortnite A$638.60 16.68%
LEGO Games A$14.34 16.60%
FORMA A$689.85 16.56%
BrickLink A$23,801.89 13.61%
Vidiyo A$1,954.03 13.52%
Overwatch A$1,662.96 13.52%
BrickHeadz A$19,809.17 11.49%
Speed Champions A$8,978.23 11.11%

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We offer LEGO® sets for sale and shares. Get started in minutes and trade in LEGO®.

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What is Brick Investor?™

Brick Investor is an innovative new platform for individuals seeking lucrative investment opportunities beyond traditional asset classes. We offer a fresh venue through which investors can capitalize on the enduring value of LEGO(r) while eliminating the barriers that have historically deterred investors.

Worldwide millions of people, buy hold and sell LEGO for profit. To trade in LEGO people had to content with exchange rates, freight cost, storage cost, insurance cost, shelve wear, moisture damage, theft, advertising, customer service, etcetera.

Our concept is for members to buy and sell LEGO without any of these hassles. Just purchase sets and we continue to store until you are ready to sell. When you are ready, we will buy back the sets.

What do others say?

“Investing in Lego is more lucrative than gold, art and wine, according to a study.", The Guardian

“According to the study, LEGO may offer a new frontier of investment that outperforms stocks, bonds and gold, without requiring nearly as much money up front to get started.“, SFgate

“Rare Legos in mint condition become valuable collectors’ items and command top dollar.”, Workandmoney

“…a new study has found that investing in these plastic blocks will bring greater profits than if you had put the same money into gold.”, Design Boom

“A recent study by Russia’s Higher School of Economics found the value of discontinued Lego sets had an annual appreciation of 11 per cent, surpassing many stocks and commodities.”, ABC News

Frequently asked questions

LEGO's proven track record of value appreciation is increasingly attracting interest from global investors. But navigating the challenges of storing, insuring, and selling physical LEGO sets has discouraged many from taking advantage of this opportunity.
Brick Investor's groundbreaking solution redefines LEGO investment. Our user-friendly trading platform, BrickMarket, allows members to buy, sell, or trade in individual LEGO sets. By removing the logistical burden of ownership, we let investors focus on maximizing returns.

We made it as easily as possible. Just sign up using your preferred email. Anyone over the age of 16 can open an account with BrickInvestor.

Once you sign up to BrickInvestor you will have access to BrickMarket. Here you can purchase sets in a few easy steps using Credit Card or Paypal. Any items that you own appear in your BrickPortfolio

When you feel the the time is right you can sell your sets instantly. Navigate to your BrickPortfolio and click on sell now. Proceeds will appear in your wallet. You can use the proceeds to reinvest or have it paid to your bank account.

On BrickMarket we list items for members to invest in. When the members click on purchase now the item will be added to your car and you will be taken to a check out procedure like any other online purchase.

BrickInvestor is an investment platform. This means that our members typically leave the sets with us until they feel the time is right to sell. Members can have sets sent to them, but the set then leaves the platform and the guaranteed buy back is void.

Members are entitled to have their sets sent to them. Navigate to your BrickPortfolio and click on ‘ship’. We will then send the item to your postal address.

Please note:
> Postage & Handling fees do apply.
> Once the set leaves the platform the guaranteed buy back becomes void.

In your BrickPortfolio every item you purchased has an unique BrickInvestor ID. You can search our database for the unique BrickInvestor ID here. This should give you peace of mind that every item on sale is stored securely at our premises

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